A collaboration with Salvatore Calabrese, “The Maestro” and Urban Bar.

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Calabrese Cocktail Strainer 20.5cm Stainless Steel Hawthorne

Salvatore Calabrese, in conjunction with  Urban Bar created the Calabrese Hawthorne Cocktail Strainer. This strainer combines the best materials with the knowledge of the greatest bartender in the world. For use with a cocktail shaker tin, this strainer also works well with the Calabrese Shaker. This strainer sits inside the tin where it can hold the ice back and allows a clean pour from the shaker rim. On the handle is a divot which helps the strainer hold onto the rim of the tin. Made from high-grade Japanese steel, the Calabrese Strainer has a polished finish. With Salvatore's keen eye for mixology, this luxury strainer raises the visuals of your cocktail-making. Using 18/8 steel gives this bar tool greater longevity over standard barware. A high corrosion resistance gives greater resilience against rust.